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Fort Mill Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire: The Wallflower Photographer is Candid. Emotional. Fun.

My style as your wedding photographer is very journalistic. I capture wedding-day events as they happen. Detail shots are also important to me, as the story details have to tell are just as important as the myriad emotions captured on the faces of the bride, groom, and guests. As my name suggests, as a wedding photographer I prefer to sit back and observe weddings as they unfold before, during, and after. Become a Wallflower Bride, and you’ll definitely end up a happy client! You’ll also receive The Wallflower Photographer Wedding Experience Guide when you sign up for my mailing list.

Who’s the ideal Wallflower Bride?

She’s quirky. She’s different and proud of it.
She writes thank-you notes.
She’s grateful for everything in life.
She’s slightly geeky.
May the Force be with you.
She’s authentic.
She loves candid moments and lives for them.
She’s nurturing.
She loves kids or animals (or both)!
She’s down to earth.
She has none of that high maintenance vibe about her.

Who’s the ideal Wallflower Groom?

He’s fun. That’s why she loves him!
He’s involved.
He’s helping with wedding details, too!
He’s slightly geeky.
And if he’s not, he appreciates her geekiness.
He’s honest.
He’ll tell his girl if she’s got a booger in her nose.
He’s affectionate.
He’s always holding on to his girl.
He’s got a heart of gold. He loves love.

The ideal Wallflower Couple…

They’re one of a kind.
They love to cuddle.
They read each other’s minds.
They have an interesting origin story.
They love to laugh.
They love to make memories.

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