Why Hire Me?

I love lamp. As if! I’m right on top of that, Rose!

My heart is true. I’m a friend and a confidante.

First, and foremost, get to know your photographer! If you can identify the three movie quotes on this page without looking them up on the Interwebs, then we’re probably the perfect match!

Second, I’m fun in that “I may seem quiet at first, but when you get to know me you’ll really love me” kind of way because I’m not an extrovert.

Third, I’m a fun photographer in that “Take your shoes off, and go jump in a pond” kind of way because I’m not a photographer with a serious kind of personality.

Last, but certainly not least, I listen to what you need and take that into consideration with each and every image that’s captured. If you value quality over quantity, prints over digitals, and an unforgettable experience with a wonderful photographer, you’ve come to the right place.

I live for capturing the authentic. If you’re all about keeping it real, contact me today!

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Bonus: Twelve things I love that aren’t photography…(in no particular order)

Game of Thrones
Movies (especially comedies)
Smooth Jazz
The Mountains
Rainy Days

*Why Philadelphia? It’s where my husband and I fell in love 16 years ago.

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